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Jimmy Blake has painted and decorated homes and commercial premises for more than two decades. He founded Jimmy Blake painters and decorators at the age of nineteen, and since then has grown the business by providing high quality painting and decorating in and around St John's Wood.

Jimmy takes care to only employ people he can trust and who have the skills and proficiency to always deliver work that is of a high standard that will last long in people’s homes and commercial properties.

Jimmy Blake painters and decorators are covered by full public liability insurance and our work is always guaranteed to be of the highest quality.





How We Work




No Obligation Quote and Advice

After a friendly chat on the phone, we can visit your property to discuss details and specifications. We will examine the property, the area and give you a quote for the work we can do.

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We Take Care of Everything

Whatever needs to be done, we take care of all the details so we can completely undertake all work. For example, if you need exterior decoration, this may require scaffolding. We will arrange this and include it in the free no-obligation quote we offer, so you can relax, knowing that everything is taken care of. We will take care of the netting that is necessary for scaffolding, safety measures and alarms if insurance considers this necessary. We would also arrange all licenses for exterior decoration on a main road.

When we work, we always strive to make it easy for you, so you can relax while work is taking place. At the end you can relax in your new and improved property.



Support and Guide You

Whenever we paint and decorate a property, we take care to be punctual and to keep all disturbances to surroundings at a minimum. When we undertake work, we complete it to the highest standards and do it as swiftly as possible, so you are free to get on with other pressing concerns.

Our long history of painting and decorating means we have worked on a range of projects, so we are well prepared to deal with any possibility and eventuality when we work. We will keep you informed of all events and always do our best to keep you involved in the painting process as much as we can.






How We Differentiate Ourselves from the Competition



We always aim to offer quotes that are reasonable considering the service we provide. Our service is total and we cover every detail from the scaffolding to the licensing. This allows you to relax and focus on other tasks at hand during the stressful renovation period. Our experience means we always carry out work that is proficient and expert.

At Jimmy Blake Painting and Decorating we use only the highest quality materials and tools which allow us to provide the best service. We are here to help and are more than happy to discuss your painting and decorating needs. You can relax knowing that our work is fully insured and comes with guarantees.

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